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EPLAN training

EPLAN is a fantastic program for drawing professional electrical circuit diagrams quickly and efficiently. However, to really get the most out of it, you must learn to use it effectively.

We provide customised EPLAN training. Tailored to your needs and your level of knowledge. For beginners and experienced key users alike.

Do you want customised EPLAN training?

EPLAN basic training

Do you want to get started with EPLAN? Then let us help you on your way with a hands-on basic training. This will not be a generic training, it will be tailored to your specific needs and working environment.


We teach you all the basics and give you practical tips & tricks to get started with EPLAN quickly and efficiently.

After our EPLAN basic training you can (depending on your needs):

  • Set up your personal EPLAN environment to work efficiently

  • Create projects with a standardized structure

  • Save, archive, print and send projects

  • Create electrical circuit diagrams and 2D cabinet layouts

  • Create 2D cabinet layouts

  • Define cables and terminals

  • Create, change, and manage parts

  • Generate cable lists, item lists, terminal lists and PLC summaries automatically

  • And more

Do you need a specific EPLAN training?

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