Electrical design in EPLAN

As an electrical engineering and design agency, we specialise in the design of electrical installations and control cabinets.


With our in-depth expertise and practical knowledge, we can take care for the design of all your electrical cabinets and installations. We'll -follow your guidelines closely.


If you do not have the necessary technical know-how, we will be happy to take care of the entire project. From start to finish! This way you can be sure of a safe, reliable and efficient electrical installation.


Our specialists are always willing to think along about the best design for your electrical installation.

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Electrical diagrams in EPLAN

Our electrical engineers have extensive experience in designing electrical circuit diagrams for various sectors in EPLAN:

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Cabinet construction

  • Process installations

  • Industrial automation

  • Energy, oil, and gas

  • Chemistry

  • Pharma


Based on your needs and guidelines, we create the required electrical diagrams in EPLAN. Always in accordance with the latest standards and legislation. Our expertise is your guarantee for a reliable electrical design that complies with the rules of the art.


If any changes are made to your electrical installation during the implementation, or at a later stage, these are quickly incorpareted into the digital electrical diagrams. This way you always have accurate and detailed digital circuit diagrams for your entire electrical installation.

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Are you still working with old electrical diagrams in AutoCAD or Caddy? Then it is time to convert them to EPLAN documents. Our EPLAN experts are happy to assist you with this. They will convert your old electrical diagrams into dynamic EPLAN files.

In EPLAN, your electrical diagrams can be supplemented with intelligent data such as cable type, part numbers, etc. This information is essential for panel builders and installers. If desired, we can do a site visit to look up and record this information.


We know from experience that technicians make fewer mistakes during installations when they have access to detailed EPLAN files.

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Customised documentation

In addition to detailed electrical diagrams, we can also supply various othger documentation and customised material lists.

We can provide the following documents in any template of your choice:

  • Cable lists

  • Item lists

  • Wiring lists

  • Terminal strips

  • PLC-summary

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