EPLAN automation and standardisation

We can help automate your electrical drawing tasks in EPLAN. That will make it a lot more efficient, saving your time and money.

In addition, we help you standardise your designs and drawings, fine-tune your parts database and correctly define the rights assigned to different users.


Our EPLAN experts are trained to optimize your workflow, from electrical design  to construction.

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EPLAN automation with EPLAN Cogineer

We use Cogineer to make your EPLAN drawing tasks easier. This software can generate schedules automatically.

Based on your needs, we develop custom sub-schemes (macros) that you can insert again and again in your EPLAN projects. Would you also like to draw your electrical cabinet in EPLAN Pro Panel based on your EPLAN electrical scheme? Then we can provide the automatic interfacing.

That way, all your EPLAN projects are finalized faster and with the highest possible quality. All with one hundred percent data continuity, from design to construction.

Benefits of EPLAN automation

The automation of EPLAN projects offers many advantages:

  • Error-free implementation of the defined rules and structures

  • Accurate and qualitative documentation

  • More projects in less time

  • Guaranteed data continuity from product structuring to project implementation

  • Support for compliance with norms and standards

Do you want to finish more EPLAN projects in less time?


EPLAN standardisation

By standardising parts data, documents, and processes throughout your organization, you gain efficiency. That way you save time and money.

Effective parts management

With effective parts management you can save a lot on logistics and time. It ensures that all data in EPLAN is correct and corresponds to the articles in the warehouse. And that means fewer errors and less time lost.

We will help you standardise all items data throughout your organisation. We will show your EPLAN administrator (key user) how to do efficient item management, or we can fine-tune your database for you.

Standardised documents

To optimise operations in your workplace and warehouse, it is best to work with standardised documents with a fixed layout. This allows employees to immediately find all essential information without overlooking anything.

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